Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twisting up 2.5 months of new growth

**Lots of pics**

Yeah! I haven't touched my roots for a LONG time (since February ha!) and, well, I don't care :-) see, I want my locs to have healthy strong root beds and for my hair type, latching it once a month was TOO much stress on my hair! So, I let it be, until yesterday. I knew I did NOT want to latch, even though it is WAY convenient for me when I'm working out etc.

Over the weekend I went to this little beauty supply shop to check out some products. I must have been there forever reading all of the labels to make sure nothing gross or full of chemicals was going in my hair :-) I left with the Taliah Waajid Black Earth Lock & Twist gel. I picked this gel since it was water based, non flaky, had no alcohol and smelled pretty decent too!

Anyways, as I was going through my hair after my clarifying adventure, I noticed a few of my locs had married themselves lol which is ok, because they were pretty thin to begin with - Apparently they have been that way for a while because I wasn't able to pull them apart, so I just let them be.

I decided I definitely was not twisting up my whole head, but I would at least do the front half of my head and let the back be (plus, I like how full it look in the back so, yeah I'm leaving that alone) it didn't take long at all to twist up my roots, maybe like 35-40 minutes in total.  So, below are the pics and results! *click to make bigger*

That's it for now! Ciao!


  1. Lookin' good! It is nice to not retwist so often, it makes your roots healthier and thicker. I think a lot of people underestimate how necessary it is to have a thick bed at the base of the loc, because without it your loc basically has nothing to hold onto!

  2. Your babies are looking niiiiiice!

  3. Thanks fab ladies!!

    @ NESSessary - my hair is so thin in places i worry about it, but not touching it for so long has definietly made a huge difference!

  4. Looking really good. I have a terrible habit of latching when Im bored. I really need to quit. I also retwist the front and sides. Your locs are looking full and healthy. I also cant stand the smell of ACV. Right now my locs are looking dull, so I'm on a quest to find something to give them a little shine.

  5. Saying hello at your new spot! I already left a comment on your old blog. I have a new home, too.