Thursday, November 19, 2009

1.5 months

Hola! So it's been 1.5 months with me and my baby locs and I LOVE it!

So let's recap:

*I did a re-ti on Oct 31 using my home made tool. 
*I also purchased Nappy-n-Happy sea salt loc tightening spray - smells good, I can't tell if it's doing anything though *shrug* price is good, but shipping is ridiculous! And the bottle could be better. The spritzer part is constantly getting stuck, annoying. I think I will just make my own sea salt and lemon juice spray.
*I found an old topic on Nappturality that recently got updated about a 6-week, use nothing/do nothing to your locs challenge! Love that idea! So a couple days ago I stopped using the spray (the only product I've been using on my hair) and I just did my first reti on Halloween, so I'm 3 weeks into the "do nothing" part and am beginning the "use nothing" phase! I think my hair will be better for it!
*Nothing has really changed with my hair. I have one little loc in the front that looks like it's trying to lock up - so cute! but other than that I have T O N S of loose hairs, I guess due to the loose curl of my hair? I don't really know though, but I'm not worried about them.  They will find a home somewhere soon!