Monday, January 4, 2010

Tres, Trois, Tre

3 months! :-) still loving every minute!

SO my favorite shampoo, by far, is LUSH Big shampoo!! It is made up of 50% sea salt - amazing!

At first I was WAY skeptical of this shampoo! One, was the price...$21 - eek! The other was the container size, ummm it's tiny!(11.7oz - about the size of those small containers of ice cream!) And third, I was confused on how this stuff would lather up, let alone, work! Boy were my "worries" subsided when I rubbed a SMALL amount into my scalp and went to work on my locs! Umm, great!

That picture up top is the best one I could find so you could understand the texture! LUSH uses some amazingly HUGE chunks of sea salt, that dissolve into your head and works wonders! I could tell it worked while in the shower! The sea salt tightened up my locs almost instantly! And never left my hair dry, dull nor brittle!

The lady at LUSH gave me a sample back at the end of November and I am still using it! Seriously, a little bit goes a LONG way! I wash with it about twice a week and rinse each day to give my locs life!  My hair is WAY plumper and more at the top are knotting up beautifully! - WOOT!

Here are some texture pics of my hair at 3 months! can't believe it's already three months! I'm loc'd and LOVING it! yay! *Fist pumpin like champs* for my fab hair!