Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 months!!

Wow! That really is all I can say! My hair is doing it's own thing and changes like overnight! It's so amazing!!! It's like I look in the mirror and am amazed at how much my hair has grown, has plumped up and how it's taking its own form of locing up! It really is cool!

So, March marks, my 5 month mark and it seemed my hair wanted me to try something new! Now, I don't use any products, except shampoo. Well, because of that, my hair started feeling real dry at the end of month four. I did a little research and read raving reviews about coconut oil.

Last week, after the gym, I went to my vitamin shoppe to pick up some Ceritfied Prganic Extra Virgin, UNREFINED (this is important) Coconut Oil. The one I got, pictured below, is a product straight from the Philippines! Score!

So I took this SUPER light weight oil and liquified it and massaged it into my hair and scalp and let it sit for an hour or more. After that, I washed with my clarifying shampoo. The first thing I noticed was just how soft, lush and moiturized - not brittle feeling after using a clarifying shampoo - my hair felt!

Just like that, my hair was literally transformed by adding the nourishing coconut oil to my locs! *Why haven't I used this sooner?* Well, I didn't want to use any oils because I was afraid of build up. However, coconut oil is the LIGHTEST oil EVER and adds shine to my hair and strengthens it, as well.

I used it here and there all last week after washing or rinsing and I just loved the affects! My hair just looked so healthy! I just did another treatment where I saturated my hair with the coconut oil and my hair feels SO.AMAZING!!!

I am glad I found out about this coconut oil, but don't just get ANY kind of coconut oil! It has to be ORGANIC and UNREFINED! Pure coconut oil! I got mine for $9 and it's the best $9 I've ever spent :-)

Here are some pics of my hair; It is getting SO thick! I love it!

Thanks for stopping by!!