Tuesday, April 27, 2010


...blah! Do I hate this! haha! Dear apple cider vinegar, can you please not smell so PUTRID?! - signed, me!

So, the other day I was looking at my locs and thought about the last time I used some *nasty* ACV lol! it was a while ago! BUT it was definitely needed as my locs were looking rather D U L L! ugh, I don't like it when my hair doesn't look full of life and is dull/drab in color!

Over the weekend, I went to buy my supplies - ACV from Trader Joes, I also picked up their Tea Tree tingle shampoo - couldn't resist, it was only like $2! So anyways, I dreaded using the ACV as I just detest and LOATHE the smell - it's nasty! ok! Oh and I got a small bottle of Dawn to keep in my bathroom lol for clarifying purposes!

So I begin! I poured the ACV in an empty spray bottle (I recycled from some curly hair product I used to use) and went to spraying! I think this technique will be my favorite rather than dumping the mess all over my head as I did in the past.  I like this method better as it allows the ACV to sit, soak and absorb into my locs. **Side bar** I was sneezing like crazy spraying that stuff all over my hair lol! The smell isn't AS bad when it's sprayed, but still! **end** I didin't spray too much that it was dripping all over me, but my locs were good and saturated with ACV.  I let it sit on my head a little over 30 minutes while I did some stuff.  I took a look in the mirror to check out my locs and I could already see that the dullness had subsided, GOOD!

So off I go to wash/rinse this stuff out! My hair felt S O dry! This stuff is incredibly drying to my hair :-( oh well. After a good long, HOT rinse, I got out to check on my locs again to make sure whatever may have been or could have been in my hair was gone! Oh and to see how sparkly, squeeky clean my locs were! My hair looked good, but I believe I am paranoid and thought I saw something so back I went to put a *little* bit of dawn on my hair, for good measure! This was even MORE drying to my poor hair! ugh! So after another good, long, hot rinse I ofcourse wanted to put something moisturizing on my hair to make it feel better lol! I felt bad for my hair! it felt so brittle and rough *sad*

I washed with that Tea Tree Tingle shampoo - oooh! I love it! it's all tingly and smells DIVINE! I like all the certified organic stuff in it too! So I am finally done with my hair, so I wrap it up to get all the excess water out, then let my hair air dry. Thankfully it doesn't take too long for my hair to dry since it is still pretty short.

Oh yeah, I do use my pantene clarifying shampoo once a week, but CLEARLY it wasn't doing the trick, so it looks like I'm going to have to use that *nasty* ACV every other week, or at least every 3 weeks or something! I don't like my hair looking dull! While I realize it isn't going to shine the way it used to, there is still no excuse for dull hair :-) even if I have to endure the assault to my nostrils ahem, ACV!

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