Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DC Carnival

My friends and I participated in the DC Carnival again and it was a BLAST, as per usual! Hot as hell, but OH SO MUCH FUN!!! We played mas with the indulgence band again and were covered in paint and glitter by the end of the day, SUPER FUN!!!

This year I decided to do some fun make up and PRAYED that it would last all day through the water, mud, paint, glitter and sweat! This is the look I liked, so I tried it out a couple days before Carnival:

Here is my version:

Not too bad, aye? lol! Well anyways, the test would be the actual day we jump down the road! Here are my pics from Carnival! In our kit we got these fun jewels so I incorporated those into my makeup look!

Look! The makeup lasted all day and I only lost a couple of the jewels!

Since it was SO sunny and SO hot, by the end of the day, my locs had gotten a few shades lighter ha! I love it though.

OH! and check out this man's GORGEOUS head of locs! OMG iDie! So luscious!!

8 months

Hola! So June marked my 8th month locking! *wooooo hooooo* I definitely saw some changes as far as my ends sealing up and my hair becoming harder and stiffer.  I mainly wore my hair straight, no twisting the roots or latching, just letting my hair be.  I rinse my hair daily and wash it 2-3x a week. Keep it moisturized with my rose water  & glycerin spritz and that's about it! Keeping it simple and letting my hair grow and do what it wants!

Below are just some pics of me and my hair!