Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Month six - W O W!!!

**6 month pics**

OK!!! What! 6 months! CRAZY!!! and Amazing :-)

Six month hair stuff:
- ok, as always.....I LOOOOOOOOVE my hair! just thought I'd let you know!
- my hair is still getting thick *check that 3rd picture*
- see that last pic? yeah well I haven't done anything to my roots...and don't plan on it! ha! I'm letting my hair just.be. and it is wonderful!
- I'm still using all natural hair stuff *that coconut oil is my absolute favorite*, except when I use a clarifying shampoo :(
- Lush BIG is still one of my favorites, but I recently started back using my mop c hydrating shampoo. I used this stuff when I rocked my curls because it is 1. organic 2. hydrating 3. sulfate-free 4. preserves color (which was important to me since I had platinum blonde hair!)  5. it has mango, black currant & orange - the cirtus-y scent is perfect after my morning workouts!
- ***BIG UPDATE*** ok, so recently I've noticed my hair is getting stiffer and harder *yippee* my hair is starting to condense! WOOP!!! it's so cool just to see the transformations my hair goes through, seemingly over night!
- the condensation isn't up the whole loc, just yet, but it is hard  in some places and not as flexible as the rest of the loc!!! I was super excited to notice this cool change in my hair! Also the tips of my locs are definitely sealing and getting hard

So that's it! Just some quick updates!

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  1. Wow...great progress girl... Your locs remind me so much of mine. Our hair texture is similar. I need 2 be more like you and let my locs be. Some of mine are very subborn.

  2. hey calimama!!! You need a blog! lol or some pictures!! :-)

    My hair is just chillin! I do such minimal, if any styling lol! I pull one side up with a clip or bobby pin and call it a day.

    It really is quite libertating just letting my hair be :-)

  3. I know I need a blog....Im just to lazy to get it going..lol...I have pixs on Fotki under the name Calimama check me out if you get a chance. I agree it's very liberating to have care free hair. I absolutely love it! Wake up fluff and mist and thats it!...lol...I've been using Lush BIG shampoo. I really, really, like it but it's expensive. Plus they ship it here and that makes it even higher. So I don't know if I'll continue to use it. Do you condition? I do sometimes, but not every time I wash. Keep posting I'll be back!

  4. Oh yeah...I made my own nappy loc latching tool out of a wal mart yarn needle. I can't believe I did it....lol..it's metal I made they eye bigger and cut the length. And only $1.43..compared to $15.00 nappy loc tool. My yarn needle and the nappy loc tool look almost the same: )

  5. You know what, I started using other shampoos when my sample (finally) ran out of Lush Big lol! But I am going this weekend to get the tub because that shampoo really, truly was the best for my hair! I say if your hair loves it, keep using it!

    My tool i made I stopped using after I tried a re-ti with it the second time loL! I just used my fingers, plus it was way faster!