Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Loving my Hair! (And so is everybody else!)

So last Monday when I got to work I got TONS of compliments on my hair :-) I was pretty thrilled because I love my hair so much and it's fab that other people did too!

While out this weekend, debuting my new week old babies to the party scene, this guy was playing with my hair telling me how much he liked my "dreads" and how cute they were and he liked that my hair smelled good, LOL! hahahaha! people are hilarious!

Of course I adore my hair and am totally loving my new look! below are some pics of some styles I've worn with my new hair. Ciao for now, *B*

For this I just twisted up the front, secured with bobby pins and put the rest of my hair on my soft rollers to get curls:

Out again with my FAB hair :-)

First day @ work! (2 days old)