Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Locked Hair Blog Exchange

I am now a part of the Locked Hair Blog Exchange!!! It's a fabulous site devoted to bloggers who share their locing journey and full of information! I love this site because it has blogs of people in various stages of their locing journey to keep you motivated, have something to look forward to and get ideas from!

Also, check out my debut post on the site - From blonde curly tresses, to rockin golden locs!


  1. How do you become a part of that?
    I'm kind of new to Blogger and started my blog about my hair not too long before I started my locs. Based on the description you gave, that sounds like the place for me to be on Blogger.

  2. Hello and thanks for dropping by!! If you go to the link above, there are instructions on how to become a part of the site. You will need to email the blog administrator/creator with your blog information and she will help you from there :-)