Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Year!!!

Wow! it's officially ONE year with locs! yay! Time really, really, really flew by! Let's show comparison pics to start:

Day one:
 One Year
WHAT a nice difference! :-) I definitely learned a lot about my hair and of course that LESS is always more when it comes to caring for my locs.  Recently, every time I ran into someone who hadn't seen me in a while they said they loved my hair and those that were locked always asked the same question: "what are you doing to it? your locs look so nice!"

I would answer that I hadn't done anything to them; anything meaning twisted or used product.  This summer I didn't do anything to my hair, just washed it! **Ohh, BTW, I found some yummy and amazing shampoos at Marshall's for $9 - 33.8oz EO Lemon Verbena Clarifying Shampoo and Pure & Basic Tea Tree & Rosemary Shampoo** I LOVEEEEEE the Lemon Verbena shampoo! It smells DIVINE and keeps my hair super clean and moisturized.

I've been either wearing my hair straight or curled with pipe cleaners.  My pipe cleaner curls last a few days.  I found that I do not like when the curls are so tightly curled, so I usually like them the most the second day onward.

My friends and family have also been commenting on the length I've gained and how full my hair looks. It's funny because now when I THINK something is on my neck or ear like a bug or whatever, I swat at it ferociously, and then have to clam down and realize, DUH, it's my hair! LOL!!! silly, I know, right!!

Anywhoo, I am so excited to have reached this awesome milestone and am looking forward to many, many more years!! :-)

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  1. happy one year!!! Your hair has filled out sooooooo much, it looks amazing! I just had my one year a few days before yours! So great to see so many people locking!

  2. Hi!! Thanks so much!! Congrats to you too! I am heading over to check you out!

  3. One year!!! We did it!!! Looks good girl! I got your comment on my Fotki page. Congrats!

  4. Your locks have truly transformed they look great! Happy 1 Year!