Monday, August 2, 2010

July - 9 months!!

Super crazy! I am telling you time is FLYING by me! It is August and I'm starting my 10th month of locs! *yay*

Pictures (taken from my HTC Evo) from my 9th month and some things that are happening with my hair!!!

- My hair continues to get stiffer and needs LESS maintenance! (this is awesome because it's the summer and I go swimming, the beach, workout, wash my hair often so yeah, no latching! I did a quick retwist at the end of the  month)
- 95% of my ends are sealed!
- I can get my hair in a pony tail! a tiny one, but I can tell my hair is definitely growing!
- For clarifying I am using baking soda, acv and I read about using vodka (O_O) in the shampoo so I've got to try that too!
- I've noticed that with the heat my hair is feeling a bit dry lately so I wet it often through out the day
- I tried out a couple of styles that I found on blogs and you tubes (I will update when I download my other pics at home)
- um pretty much just loving my hair! and looking forward to what 10 months will bring!

That's it for now! Ciao and thanks for reading!!!