Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fixing Bunched Locs

So yesterday I was playing in my hair, as per usual, and came across a few bumpy, thick locs! At first i thought, maybe it's budding, but upon closer inspection I saw that my locs were all bunched *sad face* I didn't know how I was going to fix them, but I knew they were going to get fixed! So, I took a paper clip and unfolded it and went to work! Below is the progress:

These are close-ups of a couple of my bunched locs:

After I picked the hair out with a paperclip, this is what my hair looked like:

These are my locs, interlocked back together:

It was crazy to see how much my hair has grown! Plus, it was nice to play in my loose hair, even if it were only for a few minutes!

So that's it! Still loving my hair, but ofcourse and excited to see two more at the front, top of my head looking like they are trying to loc, FABULOUS!




  1. Your hair texture reminds me of my hair texture. I also have very soft, hair. I started my locs by interlocking...I can't believe it I did it myself. I'm not a DYI hair doer at all. I'm in my 6th month. I've enjoyed looking at your pictures. It's very inspiring to see other women locing.

  2. Hey ladies!!!

    Thanks Raxxie! I'm heading over to check you out!

    Calimama - I love that I started by interlocking! Otherwise, I'd have no locs, lol! But I don't even use a tool, I just re-ti with my fingers, it takes like 35 minutes and is WAY easier than manipulating with a tool! DIY is the best! I don't want anyone else in my head, ha!